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TRUETAC / PIKA International is a top OEM / ODM manufacturer and supplier for the best brands in the world of all gears, apparel, and clothing related to BMX CYCLING with complete customization in every product that BMX cycling or a cycling brand or professionals need. We manufacture and stock the highest quality protection jacket, foam-padded jackets, cycling vests, cycling vests with reflectors,  protection shorts, foam-padded shorts, cycling elbow, and knee protectors, foam-padded elbow and knee protectors, MEN’s CYCLING JERSEYS, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Winter Fleece, CYCLING JERSEY SET, CYCLING JACKET, CYCLING VEST MENS, CYCLING T-SHIRTS, CYCLING SHORTS MEN, Cycling Bib Shorts, CYCLING TIGHTS MENS, KIDS CYCLING CLOTHES, MTB CLOTHING, Mountain Bike Shorts, LADIES CYCLING JERSEYS, Winter Thermal, CYCLING SUIT WOMEN, CYCLING JACKET, T-SHIRTS, BIKE SHORTS WOMENS, WOMENS CYCLING TIGHTS SPORTS BRA, Cycling Base Layer, Cycling Gloves, Cycling Socks, Cycling Caps, Cycling Wallet, multifunctional headwear, Cycling Arm Sleeves, Cycling Leg Warmers, cycling water bottlesCycling Skinsuit, Cycling Shoe Covers at competitive prices.

 Another great reason to choose TRUETAC / PIKA International for your cycling brand is that we have in-house production and customization that has a vast knowledge of personalizing and customizing your cycling clothing to fit your particular needs.  If you need custom cycling clothing, we are the best choice when it comes to price and experience. we know what you need and can help you out. 

TRUETAC / PIKA International has the ability to provide Custom Clothing to Brands, Wholesalers, Retailers, Designers by using Pictures, Sketches, and Tech packs. Our Expertise Will Guide and facilitate them “How to do that”. We provide Mapping, Designing, Labels, Tags, Barcodes, and custom packaging facilities to well-known and Start-up brands. We are providing Private Labelling, Embroidery, Printing, Sublimation, and Digital Printing Facilities to our Customers.

We provide 100% High-Quality Custom Apparel manufacturing under Quality Control and Quality Assurance team to check and audit at a single point of Operations. This is why Customers have Blind trust in us. We Deliver Quality Products Worldwide. The ordering process is very civilized to fit the requirements of clothing brands and deliver their products to them. we facilitate their Customers with Logistics Solutions. We provide CIF, C&F to the airport, and Door-to-Door Delivery.

don’t forget that TRUETAC / PIKA International is known for customizing your clothing/apparel to your exact needs. From cutting to packing.